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Welcome to the home page of Leidolph Enterprises’ Property Investment Network. We have positioned ourselves with some of the best real estate minds that this country has to offer.
We have Networked with them to create profitable transactions for all parties involved. Our goal is to create win – win – win real estate related deals.
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If you are an investor looking to buy, renovate and sell or to buy, renovate and build residual income by building your rental empire, we may be what you need.
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If you are a contractor, who is proud to show the quality of work you do and wish to have a steady stream of work, we may be what you need.
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Sellers, are you interested in selling some or all of your real estate assets? Are you looking to acquire funds to invest in other properties that better meet your needs or investment plan? Contact us and let’s see what we can do for each other.

Real Estate – Past, Present & Future


Those who invested in real estate in the past, investors who saw opportunity even during the “Great Depression” profited from intelligent win-win deals because they knew the economy would change.

Today’s economy is ripe for similar win-win transactions for those that are ready to do something more than just sit and wait. The economic conditions are going to change and the ones who position themselves for that change are going to be glad that they acted.  

Real estate has always been one of the safest investment strategies. People are always going to need someplace to live and/or someplace to work their businesses from. As the future unfolds that is not going to change. Providing property for home purchases, rentals and business ventures can be a profitable cashflow experience.  

"We're Looking Forward to a Profitable Futrure"


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